The Exodus Club 2.0
The Exodus Club 2.0
Made In Africa Project

Welcome to The Exodus Club 2.0

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About Exodus Club

We are an international collective of members of the Diaspora who have all successfully repatriated to the African continent. We provide ongoing consulting and assistance for Diasporans looking to invest or relocate to the African continent with confidence.

Why You Should Join Exodus Club

Our consultants are in multiple African nations with actual hands on experience building homes, businesses and community projects on the ground. We are partnered with local governments, organizations, institutions and personalities that provide critical resources to those looking to reconnect with the continent for various purposes.

A Big Thanks

We send a big thanks to all of our many current Exodus Club members and partners around the world. Your confidence in our leadership and advice has allowed us to serve you with invaluable resources in your journey and we look forward to welcoming you home!